Earthworks Contractor

More than 20 years in the earth moving business and highly regarded in the Southern Highlands.



Often consent is required in order to control soil erosion, tree loss and drainage impacts.


Earthworks Design

We can assist with planning and designing the earthworks required prior to commencing a project.


Southern Highlands Earthworks Contractor

James Fuller founded Southern Earthworks and has since established a solid reputation in the Highlands.

Southern Earthworks offers a complete range of professional services including earthwork design, construction, and certification. The company employs local people, businesses, and engages in small and large scale projects, mainly in the Southern Highlands of NSW, but also as far afield as the South Coast and Yass District.

Southern Earthworks also provides design advice and budget planning service to consultants, landowners, contractors and developers- for all residential, commercial and industrial zoned sites.

Ask about hedge trimming. Super quick. Super efficient!

Hedge Trimming Southern Highlands

Directors making a difference

Southern Earthworks managing director, James Fuller, attributes the company’s success to the personal involvement of its directors.
“Our team of working directors take a hands-on approach,” said James, “which makes us aware of the challenges involved in the many aspects of the business”.


Machines available under contract by Southern Earthworks include

  • 20 Tone Excavator
  • 5 Tone Excavator
  • Grader
  • Hedge Trimmer
  • Skid Steer
  • Laser Level
  • Tipper
  • Float
  • Broom, augers, rock hammer, sieve buckets, tilting buckets, harley rake, hedger attachment.

Additional machines can be arranged when required.

Ph: 0404 065 323

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